Sara began her career with a major in Woodwind Performance from the University of North Texas. While she was driven to play in a pit-orchestra, she was just as passionate about standing up for women’s rights in professional music, a plight which, in the 80’s made it difficult for her to find work.


That’s how she became a teacher. During her time teaching she became very passionate about finding creative ways, especially through song, to teach those from less-privileged backgrounds. What she loved most was witnessing her students’ self-confidence rise to the point that they were performing better in all of their subjects, ultimately graduating and going off to lead great lives.

Her desire to educate through music lead her to leave teaching and begin her own business, Sara Jordan Publishing, through which she produced over 1000 original tracks, released on 70 albums covering topics from multiplication to world-cultures.


As her business grew, so did her reputation for producing a wide range of high-quality music, resulting in an increased demand for original work from other publishers and producers and a need for a separate production business, Apricot Media.

Today, Sara works from her private studio, spending 100% of her time producing original work for publishing companies as well as film and tv producers. She has become known for timely delivery of unique pieces, produced to the specific requirements of her wide range of clients.

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