Music for Film

When Sara completed her major in Woodwind Performance at the University of North Texas, she imagined playing in a pit orchestra, her music accompanying the sounds of theater above. It wasn’t until she became a school teacher, some ten years later, that she became fluent in computer-assisted composing and began receiving requests from friends to produce music for their television and documentary programs.



Sara’s approach to producing music for film can be broken down into these three steps:

1. Concept

Film and TV producers will often present Sara with a specific scenario, time frame and theme. While she is a musician through and through, Sara is inspired by many forms of art and is always excited when a new motion picture project crosses her desk.

2. Production

In her creative space, Sara studies and emulates musical styles to suit the film or TV piece she is working with. From there, she moves to her complete MIDI studio and produces original music, sound effects and voiceovers to complement the work. Finally, she syncs her music to the original motion picture frames and delivers a proof to the client, making adjustments as needed

3. Delivery

Proofs are encoded into MP3’s and masters are presented as WAVs. These are generally sent via E-mail, Google Drive or private FTP.