Music for Publishers

When Sara Jordan planted the seed of her own publishing company 25 years ago, she could never have imagined producing over 1000 songs and 70 products for the educational market.

As her company blossomed into an abundant garden of music and books, she began to receive requests from other publishers to produce her unique brand of original music as well. Since then, she has been known as a one-stop production facility for publishers around the world.


Sara’s winning formula can be broken down into these three steps:

1. Concept

Most often, publishers will come with specific lyrics as well as a style and theme. From here, Sara lays the foundation by clarifying certain components the publisher may have overlooked to save her clients time down the road, eliminating costly revisions.

2. Production

This is the fun part. In her private studio, Sara uses the latest technology to assemble the precise sound and feeling to fill her clients’ needs. Her favorite part is finding the perfect singers to come in and lay vocals down on top of the sound-bed she has prepared. A perfectionist at heart, Sara dives deep into each and every tone to produce impressive work. At the same time, she loves the feedback process and takes pleasure in tweaking her tunes to best fit the needs of her clients.

3. Delivery

Proofs are encoded into MP3s and masters are presented as WAVs. These are generally sent via E-mail, Google Drive or private FTP.